Monday, 15 February 2010

The Second-Largest Second-Hand BookShop in England

The second-hand bookshop
Has just opened it's doors
We've got literally thousands of novels
On three voluminous floors
Check paper-back writers
To read on the train
You know it gets lonely on the tube

Second-hand books...good for the mind
Come in and look...see what you can find
Books about cheese
And diseases that kill bees
Second-hand books..and some have been signed

We've got books for the gardeners
They can follow the plot
Our crime section's dwindling swiftly
The shop-lifters are hot
The Good Pregnancy Guidebook
Is well overdue
But you know it gets there in the end

Second-hand books...good for the brain
Come in and look...stay out of the rain
Books about true love
You'll find them in fiction
Second-hand books...for your entertain......ment

The second-hand bookshop
On three voluminous floors
A minor celebrity came
To open the doors
He's not actually famous
But that's not the point
I think he read 'Catcher In The Rye'

We've got picturesque postcards
With cottages thatched
We have books for untrained violinists
With no strings attached
Take a book on vacation
But buy it here first
'Cos you know it helps to pay the rent

Second-hand books...some in LARGE PRINT
Utopian tales with myopian hint
Books about people
With peculiar lifestyles
Second-hand books..and some worth a mint

At our second-hand bookshop
All your searches are matched
All manuscripts profiled and packaged
And duly despatched
Come on in for a hard-back
Take your dust-jackets off
Don't push your the syllabus

Second-hand books...just opened this week
Books on all subjects in Latin and Greek
Escape from the rat-race
You can put on a bold face
Second-hand books..and some are antique

Second-hand books...give your wife a surprise
With Lord of the Rings...or Lord of the Flies
We're next to the fireplace delivery store
Called 'Grate Expectations'
Second-hand books...COME IN AND BUY!!!!