Monday, 7 February 2011

Welcome To Gravesend

Here's a song called WELCOME TO GRAVESEND by the quite average pop band called UNLUCKY FRIED KITTEN who are from the United Kingdom.


People walking dogs in crumbling parts of town

Making conversation...spreading germs around

Children buying ice-cream from a foreign man

Somewhere in a back street...from a scruffy van

Lucy buys a postcard and scribbles a 'hello'

To a friend in Bolton...someone she used to know

A toddler in a high-chair spews Weetabix en-masse

Life goes on around me...and memories are crass

Two friends are in a cafe...Mary and Suzanne

Suzie had a little roast beef

Mary had a little lamb

A waitress took a snapshot and I forgot to smile

3 months is a long time...and memories are vile

A midwife parks illegally on a double yellow line

A traffic-warden sees her...and dishes out another fine

A little girl buys cat-food from a shop called Pets At Home

Life still goes on around me...on a mobile phone

Tarpaulin on some scaffolding is flapping in the breeze

Men fight inside a chip-shop...called The Seven Seas

An old lady spends her vouchers at the checkout with a friend


Is this what I wake up for?

Welcome To Gravesend