Saturday, 15 May 2010

Poor Little Baby by Valentina Morotova


Poor little baby...your head has resigned
Poor little baby...and so has your mind
Poor little were my best friend
Now things are crazy...our friendship must end

Poor Little Baby
Poor Little Lady

I dyed my my hair get on your show
My lines were well read...but I didn't know
That you were rip me to shreds
To leave me sinews and threads

Poor Little Baby
Poor Little Lady

You were my best friend...we met every day
You stole my boyfriend...and now you must pay
Outside the milk ask for a light
Forget the smoke, bitch, I just wanna fight

Poor Little Baby
Poor Little Lady

So now I stand here...with my boot in your face
I'm Valentina..and you're a disgrace
I'm gonna kill ya..oh dear..what a crime
You started first, dear, you took what was mine

Poor Little baby
Poor Little Lady

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